Disney boss drops hot new details on Han Solo, Luke Skywalker


Details on upcoming Star Wars films are usually harder to find than Death Star plans. But Disney CEO Bob Iger just dropped a few key details about The Last Jedi and the untitled young Han Solo movie in an on-stage interview Thursday.

Iger was being interviewed by the dean of USC’s Annenberg school, Willow Bay — who also happens to be his wife. When Bay asked about the galaxy far, far away, according to a reporter in the audience, Iger was more than forthcoming.

On The Last Jedi, in theaters this December, Iger confirmed that Mark Hamill “has a big role” and “will do a lot of talking,” the Wall Street Journal‘s Ben Fritz reported.  Read more…

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Apple patents a way to transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook


Forget the iPhone 8 (or “X” or “Edition” or whatever it’ll be called) that’s coming later this year. As tech obsessors, we want to know what Apple’s cooking up in its secret Cupertino labs for the future.

A new patent made public on Thursday (via AppleInsider) suggests Apple is exploring the idea of turning your iPhone into a “brain” that powers a MacBook-liked device.

As with all patents, the description is broad and vague. In a nutshell, the patent describes a thin laptop-like shell (referred to as an “accessory device”) without a processor. Read more…

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Give your useless DVDs new life with this new digital conversion app


When was the last time you actually watched a movie on DVD? Maybe like, 2014? 

You probably still have a dusty stack of plastic boxes sitting on a shelf somewhere, though, doing little more than taking up space as you flip through multiple streaming services for your TV time.  

Walmart-owned Vudu has offered disc-rich movie fans the ability to convert their DVDs and Blu-rays to digital files in-store and at home for some time through its Disc-to-Digital program. Starting today, the app’s new Mobile Disc-to-Digital service should make the process even easier: All you’ll need is your smartphone and the barcodes on your old DVD boxes to bolster your personal digital library.  Read more…

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‘Game of Thrones’ script reveals the truth about Stannis Baratheon’s fate


Death isn’t always permanent on Game of Thrones (just ask Jon Snow), which sometimes leads to conspiracy theories whenever a character is seemingly killed off without showing us the fatal blow onscreen.

Such is the case with Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane), who died at the vengeful hands of Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) in the Season 5 finaleOr did he?

(Yes, he did.)

Despite persistent fan theories that Brienne might have inexplicably decided to spare the life of the man she’s been trying to kill for three seasons mid-swing, a newly uncovered script for the Emmy-winning episode confirms what most of us accepted all along — that Brienne succeeded in her mission and fulfilled her vow to make Stannis pay for the murder of his brother, Renly (Gethin Anthony) back in Season 2.  Read more…

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Earliest dinosaurs may have originally come from Britain, new study says


Dinosaurs just can’t get a break. First, a comet slams into the Earth and renders them extinct. Now a group of scientists wants to dramatically shake-up the dino family tree. 

A new study, published this week in the journal Nature, proposes a major reordering of dinosaurs’ evolutionary history. 

The revised tree swaps around large subfamilies and adds a new branch for the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its ilk. The study also suggests that dinosaurs may have originated in the Northern Hemisphere, possibly in an area that is now Britain — not in South America, as scientists have long assumed.

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A new ‘Justice League’ trailer is right around the corner


Only the biggest of movies get the privilege of teasing the teaser and making us pay attention. 

For better or worse, Justice League, you certainly qualify.

Warner Bros. on Thursday revealed that “IN 2 DAYS” (that’s Saturday, if you do the math) a new Justice League trailer will arrive, and though they’re not saying exactly what time, you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to slip this thing past us.

Zack Snyder dropped the first Justice League footage back in July at Comic-Con, then released it to his Twitter account shortly after the Hall H presentation. Though we’ve seen plenty of Wonder Woman (a June 2 release) since then, it’s been all quiet on the Justice League front (November 17).  Read more…

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Emirates offers ingenious workaround to the laptop ban


Airlines are getting creative following the new ban on electronic devices on flights into the U.S. from certain Middle Eastern and African airports.

Emirates, one of those affected with flights coming in from Dubai, announced Thursday a service for laptop-using travelers who want to use their banned device to actually get some work done.

The new service lets passengers use their laptops and tablets until right before they board. That means time at the gate won’t be wasted with your computer long gone in checked baggage. Then, when it’s time to board, Emirates will collect the devices and pack them away in the cargo hold. Once in the U.S., the devices will be returned — all at no charge. Read more…

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Potter Puppet Pals’ ‘Mysterious Ticking Noise’ is 10 years old, so you’re basically dying


If you’re part of the Harry Potter generation, you probably remember the hit 2007 club banger “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” from Potter Puppet Pals. That video is exactly 10 years old now, so we’re going to go drown in wizard angst over the passage of time.

In “The Mysterious Ticking Noise,” Severus Snape wanders the blue-curtained halls of Hogwarts in search of the source of a “kind of catchy” ticking sound he can’t seem to shake. He starts singing his name to the tempo of the ticking, and Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione and Harry catch on. The video has been viewed over 172 million times.  Read more…

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Facebook is still trying to get people to use it for shopping


Facebook still wants to turn your News Feed into an online shopping tool.

Its latest effort to turn into an ecommerce giant is a new ad format that lets brands pair their commercials with collections of images and product listings in the same post.

When clicked, the images lead to a catalog of a given retailers’ items hosted within Facebook. But users will be directed off the platform if they actually want to buy something.

Facebook has been trying to get people to shop through its site for years with features like buy buttons, in-platform stores and chatbots. It’s even launched its own Craigslist competitor. Read more…

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Maxine Waters tweets Trump impeachment joke, gets best response


Holy crap. Every time you think President Trump and his administration can’t possibly get any worse at using Twitter … they do.

It’s just — it’s truly unbelievable, and on Wednesday afternoon, things escalated when the official Twitter account of Trump’s very own Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, tweeted something so phenomenal, so absurd, so utterly LOL-worthy that, though it’s been deleted, it will leave a permanent imprint on our hearts for the rest of time.

This wasn’t one of Trump’s passionate insults or Sean Spicer’s accidental password tweets. Instead, Chao’s account tweeted in support of Trump’s impeachment at the coolest Democratic congresswoman in all the land, Maxine Waters. Does it get any better? Read more…

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