Why Apple is cracking down on ‘free’ apps


Apple is making more moves to clean up its App Store. 

After cracking down on outdated apps, the company is now placing restrictions on how developers describe their apps. Apple is now rejecting updated and new app submissions that have the word “free” in the name, VentureBeat reports.

“Your app’s name, icons, screenshots, or previews to be displayed on the App Store include references to your app’s price,” Apple reportedly pointed out.  

“Please remove any references to your app’s price from your app’s name, including any references to your app being free or discounted.” Read more…

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Samsung’s new Gear 360 streams 360 live, and finally works with iPhones


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ aren’t the only new gadgets Samsung announced at its big Unpacked event on Wednesday.

Along with the new flagship phones, Samsung also took the wraps off a new Gear 360 camera that’s smaller and more powerful than the original.

The new Gear 360 now records 360-degree video at true 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) compared to the original model, which topped out at 3,840 x 1,920.

More pixels will make for sharper 360 videos, but the two most compelling new features are 360 live streaming to YouTube, Facebook or Samsung VR (a third-party API could open 360 streaming to other services like Periscope), and iPhone support. Read more…

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Truecaller gets payment support and Duo integration as it trickles to feature phones


For Truecaller, an app that offers real-time caller ID and spam protection, the past two years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. 

On one hand, the eight-year-old service continues to grow strongly in developing markets, and has also chalked out plans to attract people globally.

On the other hand, several features that made Truecaller so popular are now shipping out of the box with iPhone and Android smartphones. 

So what does the Swedish company doing to survive in the market? Partnerships, mostly, it said today at an event in New Delhi.  Read more…

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The new emoji coming this year include broccoli, a T. rex and this oddly sexy insect


Good news, mermaids and mermen: Your emoji are officially coming this year.

Unicode, the organization that standardizes characters across devices, released its final list of 2017 emoji on Monday. There are 56 new emoji—69 if you count gender variations—and they’re really all over the place. You’ll be able to use new gender-neutral people, broccoli, mermaids, a Tyrannosaurus rex and a cricket with incredibly strong, beautiful legs: 



Image: Emojipedia

A cricket!

A cricket!

Image: Emojipedia

“Today is the first time we know that these are confirmed as the emojis for 2017,” Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia and a member of Unicode’s Emoji Subcommittee, said via direct message on Twitter. “No more🤞🤞🤞 that an emoji makes the cut. If it’s in this list, it’s final.” Read more…

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9 secret apps to hide your sexts


Since the dawn of time, solitary lovers (more accurately, lusters) have kept the erotic spark alive by sexting. Trading flirty notes and then much more explicit pics makes loneliness a little more manageable and much more steamy.

Smartphones have made sexting easier than ever — just get to the dirty talking via text, then snap a suggestive pic or eight and send them over. Instantaneous digital gratification. 

But what do you do after your sexting sesh? While one option is always to delete them ASAP, if you’re going to keep them, do yourself and your partner a favor and lock them down. Read more…

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How to block ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers, curse words and eggplant emoji on Twitter


Finally, some peace and quiet on social media. 

Twitter rolled out some new muting options today, which will allow Android and web users to hide selected words, phrases, hashtags and even emoji from their timelines and notifications for preset amounts of time. (iOS users, for now, will have to settle for blocking things from their notifications.) 

The feature was first teased last October and expanded upon earlier this month.   

Twitter has allowed its users to mute individual profiles and notifications for a while now — but the new individual word blockage can keep everything from annoying TV spoilers to offensive or triggering language off your timeline. We’re not as sure why you’d ever want to hide a emoji — wait, that’s fair if you never want to see 🍆🍆🍆 ever again.     Read more…

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Apple’s new video app is part Snapchat, part iMovie and full of AI


Quick: you want to make a casual, shareable video that’s longer than 60 seconds, what app do you use? 

If you’re drawing a blank (besides your phone’s stock camera app) then you may have just made the case for Clips, Apple’s new video app, which is due out in April.

At a high level, Clips is something of a cross between iMovie and Snapchat. You can edit together a series of clips (get it?) and still images into longer videos that you can stylize with filters, text overlays, graphics, and, yes, lots of emoji. 

That may sound more like Snapchat than a straight-up video editor but the core features of Clips have more in common with iMovie than something Evan Spiegel would dream up. Read more…

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If you hate Messenger, you’re really not gonna like Facebook’s latest update


If you’re not a fan of Facebook’s bubble-based chatting experience, we have some bad news: your mobile News Feed might soon be even more Messengerized. 

Facebook looks to be testing text bubbles in the comment threads of its mobile app. This comes shortly after rolling out a new feature to inundate desktop users with unwanted pop-up tabs every time a friend replies to a comment. 

The new mobile comment format was first brought to light by The Next Web‘s Matt Navarra, who received a screenshot of a bubbly thread from a Twitter follower.  Read more…

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This one hack lets you post Live Photos on Instagram


One of the coolest additions to the iPhone 6S was Live Photos. The moving pictures inhabit the space between GIF and video but act more like something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, giving iPhone users even more of an excuse to take album upon album of pics.

While social networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Google Photos supported the animated snapshots shortly after launch, photo-centric Instagram still hasn’t added direct functionality well over a year afterward. We’ve been given plenty of new features in the meantime – some good like Snapchat-cloned Stories, some bad like photo albums – but we still can’t share Live Photos.  Read more…

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Google Chrome is definitely not judging you and your 100 incognito tabs


Google, well-known for hiding Easter eggs in its apps, has a little treat for those of us with an uncontrolled tab-opening habit.

If you reach 100 tabs on the Chrome app, the tab count on the upper right becomes an adorable old school smiley—”:)”—on iOS and “:D” on Android.



Image: Google

And then, if you do the same using the incognito mode on iOS, you get the same thing—a nice, sweet “:)”

But things get spicier on Android. While we wouldn’t presume to know what you do with your incognito tabs, we’ll just say the Easter egg here seems… suitable:  Read more…

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