Let’s all pour one out for Vista, the worst version of Windows


If by some unfortunate twist of fate, you have the misfortune of still using a PC with Windows Vista, I have some bad news for you. 

Microsoft just revealed that it’s finally ending support for the much-maligned operating system next month. Actually, on second thought, that’s actually pretty good news.

If you’re still using a PC with Vista it will continue to work, but as of April 17, 2017, the OS will become an even more useless pile of garbage than it already is. At that time, the company will stop pushing security patches and other software updates and will end technical support of any kind. Read more…

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Android may soon beat Windows as the world’s most popular OS


Windows, once the undisputed king of operating systems, is facing a new contender for the throne. 

StatCounter, a web analytics company, found that Android came very close to matching Windows’ market share last month. Google’s mobile OS was used by 37.4 percent of people connecting to the internet in February 2017 versus 38.6 percent who used Windows. Apple’s iOS came in third with 12.99 percent.

StatCounter measures OS market share in terms of internet usage, not device shipments. 

“The idea of Android almost matching Windows would have been unthinkable five years ago,” Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter’s CEO, said in a blog post. Android’s huge success in developing countries and the continued growth of the mobile and tablet market are huge contributing factors to its market share.  Read more…

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Someone made Windows 98 for your wrist, because why not?


Nostalgia tech seems to be all the rage lately

There’s the recent re-launch of the Nokia 3330, which comes with the much-beloved game Snake. Then there’s a wireless keyboard that looks and feels like an old-school typewriter. And someone recently made a browser extension that brings Clippy back to life

Following the trend, Michael Darby, a self-described “amateur technology project maker” who blogs at 314reactor.com, recently decided to create a wristwatch that runs Windows 98. Darby used QEMU, a processor emulator, to run Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi A+. He also attached a 2.4-inch touchscreen to the DIY device and used Python to enable a series of external buttons. Read more…

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New Windows 10 update warns users against installing apps from outside the Windows Store


Windows users, take note: a potentially annoying update is headed your way. 

Microsoft is currently testing an update to Windows 10 that will prevent you from installing apps from outside the Windows Store, MSPowerUser reports. The feature is similar to a feature on Macs, which by default prevents users from installing apps from “unidentified developers”. The update is set to release in April in the upcoming Creator’s Update.

As of now, the feature will be turned off by default. It’s supposed to help protect casual users from malware and bloatware, but it could impact developers who release their apps via direct downloads from their websites rather than via the official Windows Store. The company is also reportedly working on a ChromeOS-like version of Windows 10 that will completely prevent installing Win32 apps. Read more…

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Microsoft ‘Windows 10 Cloud’ could challenge Google’s Chrome OS



Microsoft launched Windows 10 with an ambitious goal of getting 1 billion devices to run its operating “service”. 

Last we checked, Windows 10 is on about 300 million devices. That’s not a bad start, but how does the company get to 1 billion? Selling super cheap PCs with a simplified version of Windows 10 to compete directly with Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS might be the way to go.

Earlier this week, ZDNet published a report revealing an unannounced version of Windows 10, referenced as “Windows 10 Cloud,” within the latest Windows Insider test builds. Read more…

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7 tech resolutions you should make in 2017, and how to keep them



Each year, our phones, social media accounts, laptops, smart assistants, fitness trackers and other tech somehow swallow up even more of our time. 

For the new year, here are a handful of resolutions that aim to improve our relationship to the technology that rules our lives:


1. Start taking cybersecurity seriously

2016 was the year personal cybersecurity came to the forefront. In what was described as the worst hack ever, more than 500 million Yahoo email accounts were leaked. 

Cybercriminals created a gigantic bot net built from insecure “Internet of Things” devices (like web-connected thermostats and coffee makers) that brought down major websites across the internet. Even the Democratic National Committee was compromisedRead more…

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