Club Penguin has closed its doors forever and people got emotional AF


It’s been 12 years since Club Penguin opened its doors — and it was finally closed today for the last time. 

Club Penguin, a popular multiplayer game, was first launched on Miniclip before being bought over by Disney.

In its heyday, some 150 million people logged on to play and chat together in the community. 

On Thursday, ahead of its imminent death at 12 a.m. PT,  everyone logged on for the last time. Things got really emotional. 

Image: club penguin/screenshot



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Natalie Dormer reveals what it’s like to become a video game character


This isn’t the first time Natalie Dormer’s voiced a video game character, but it’s definitely the first time she’s voiced a blue, inter-galactic space doctor.

Dormer, who’s previously starred as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, was announced as one of the main characters in the video game Mass Effect: Andromeda on Thursday. She’ll be playing Dr Lexi T’Perro, an onboard Asari doctor who acts as a physician and psychiatrist for the crew.

We caught up with Dormer to find out what it’s actually like to play a video game character, how it compares to starring in a huge TV show or film. And — perhaps most importantly — how games are bridging the gap with film to create new worlds that really suck people in. Read more…

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Have You Heard About The App VIP Spades?

As it can be probably seen just by looking at the app’s name, VIP Spades is a traditional game of spades with a twist. Fun, friendly and strategic – as soon as someone starts playing it for the first time he will realize that he is slowly getting addicted! The player find himself playing spades …

7 things ‘Pokémon Go’ badly needs in 2017


LONDON — I feel like I should make one thing clear up front: I love Pokémon Go.

Since I first downloaded the game last July, I don’t think a day’s gone by without me opening up the app. That might sound sad to some people — probably the same people who gleefully comment “dead” every single time Niantic tweet — but that doesn’t really bother me.

I still enjoy playing the game, and anyone who’s been on thriving Reddit communities like The Silph Road (or read how much money Niantic apparently made in 2016) will know that it’s a long way from dead.  Read more…

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You can now play Bill Gates’ first PC game and run over donkeys on your iPhone, Apple Watch


Bill Gates may be best known for co-founding the world’s largest software firm Microsoft and his philanthropy work, but not a lot of people know he also programmed the first PC game.

In 1981, Gates co-wrote DONKEY.BAS, a game written in BASIC programming language which saw the protagonist run over donkeys who appeared before the car.

Since the operating systems our computers run today look nothing like anything that people in 1981 rocked, a good samaritan has released the iconic game to Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch devices.  Read more…

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LEGO Life is a new social network where kids can share their creations

picture6 Club Penguin may be shutting down, but there’s a new social network for kids arriving today from LEGO. The company known for its physical blocks and building sets is launching LEGO Life, a safe, online space where kids can share their LEGO creations, and connect with a broader community. Available as an iOS and Android application, the social network is aimed at those under the age of… Read More

‘Snipperclips’ is low-key and one of the most exciting Switch games


Great news, Nintendo Switch fans. We’ve found the console’s first sleeper hit: Snipperclips.

The two-player version of this cooperative puzzle game — there’s a four-player mode as well — follows Snip (the red one) and Clip (the yellow one). They look like blobs of color cut out of construction paper, with cheery faces drawn onto each one.

Your goal in a given level varies. In one, you might need to position each character in such a way that their combined, overlapping forms fill in a heart-shaped outline. In another, you might need to put a basketball through a hoop or carry a larger-than-life pencil to an oversized sharpener. Read more…

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For game developers, HTC’s Vive edges out the Oculus Rift


The latest Game Developers Conference survey, polling 4,500 developers this year, is in and developers have spoken. Among many other opinions on the video games industry is this: VR and AR are taking over, and it looks like HTC’s Vive is leading with a current slight advantage in that race. 

Developers’ general interest in VR platforms is almost evenly divided between the Vive and the Oculus Rift, but comparing favoring percentages from this year’s survey to last’s—when the Oculus Rift had 40% of developers’ interest compared to Vive’s 26%—it seems like HTC’s Vive is in place to increasingly overcome the Oculus Rift. Although it was the Oculus Rift that managed an early start with initial marketing and early kits, more developers are looking to develop for HTC’s Vive, and considering the platform for any potential exclusive titles, too. Read more…

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Pug weirdly doesn’t get this human game that aims to throw a pie in its face


Poor little pug never saw it coming.

Instagram user Becca Drake shared a very cute video of a pug named Percy playing the popular game Pie Face. Shockingly, Percy did not totally grasp the concept of the human game.

Astutely putting his face through the face hole, the excited pug thought he was about to taste some sweet whipped cream. Unfortunately for Percy, that’s not exactly how the game works – but hey, that didn’t stop him from trying.

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Trivial Pursuit may have gone a bit too hard on the ‘find and replace’ function


Laziness gets the best of us all sometimes, and there’s no greater form of modern laziness than smashing that “find and replace” button.

But it can sometimes backfire, as it has reportedly done for the folks behind Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuit.

It looks like the decision to find instances of the word “km” and replace them with “kilometres” now means that according to the game, it was the actor Hugh Jackilometresan who starred in Baz Luhrmann’s Australia. Poor Hugh Jackman. 

Trivial Pursuit makers change all mentions of “km” to “kilometres” as a universal find and change. Can’t see what could go wrong

— John Lewis (@JohnELewis) January 3, 2017 Read more…

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