A big challenger is about to change the way you use Facebook to log in on websites


There are two ways to log in on websites: try to recall the email address and password you registered with —  or simply hit the “Facebook Login” button. 

The convenience of the latter underscores the popularity of social authentication options. You’ll see Facebook and Google login buttons on popular sites including Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Imgur and Linkedin, just to name some.

Facebook itself estimates that some 350 million people log into a new app or site with their Facebook credentials every month. 

Olga Kuznetsova, Engineering Manager at Facebook told us that the Facebook Login button ranks in the top three of consumer account creation and sign-in preferences worldwide. Read more…

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Attacking a referee’s small business on Facebook isn’t cool, sports fans


The internet and college sports: Two things not exactly known for inspiring measured, reasonable debate.

We’ve just seen what happens when they mix in a strange and toxic new way. 

As background: People in Kentucky take college basketball very seriously. (Remember 2012? Remember #LexingtonPoliceScanner?) Thus, fans of the Kentucky Wildcats were not happy when their team lost to North Carolina just short of the Final Four last weekend. They directed much of their ire toward referee John Higgins.  Read more…

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Here’s what we learned from Travis Kalanick’s hidden 2007 Twitter account


Tbones fancies himself a dancer.

Oh, and his opinions about women have long been a bit retrograde. 

This, and so much more, can be gleaned from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s old Twitter account. The handle, @konatbone, is protected. But as with so many things on the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t see it — you just have to know where to look. 

And look we did. 

The embattled CEO officially moved on from @konatbone to his current handle, @travisk, in late 2010. The original account, which looks to have been created in 2007, was protected around that time as well. This meant that only approved followers could see its content after that point.  Read more…

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Google is destroying Apple in the app game — except where it counts


Android is dominating app stores but Apple is still beating Google in one extremely important metric: revenue.

Cupertino made nearly twice as much money from its App Store in 2017 as Google did from Google Play, despite seeing only a fraction of the downloads, according to a new report out today from App Annie.

Just how big is the difference? Apple made $34 billion on 29 billion app downloads in 2016, according to the company’s data. Google, by comparison, made $10 billion on 63 billion downloads in 2016. 

Put another way, Apple made more than three times as much money as Google with less than half as many downloads.  Read more…

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How a year of utterly insane sports finishes lit up Twitter


You might not realize it, but this weekend’s Final Four will bring us full sports circle. 

Ever since Kris Jenkins hit a buzzer-beating stunner to win the national title for Villanova on April 4 of last year, the sporting world has been rocked by a procession of shocking endings. Indeed, the past 12 months have been surreal for fans.  

Granted, it doesn’t require an advanced degree to observe that Twitter (the app) lights up when sports magic goes down. But now — thanks to data from Twitter (the company) — we can take a comprehensive look at just how much. The numbers are a bit surprising.  Read more…

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Completely not-high John Mayer just wonders if purple horses existed


On Wednesday, musician, Fifth Harmony stan, and prolific tweeter John Mayer asked a probing question: What if purple horses used to exist?

Yes, announcing that he was not high, Mayer tweeted the following:

No I am not high. I am simply wondering if there was once every color of every animal but the ones that clashed with nature were eaten.

— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) March 29, 2017

Sounds like a Katy Perry music video! 

Understandably, the internet is skeptical about Mayer’s theory. It is, however, united in the belief that rainbow animals would look cool. Read more…

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Facebook will launch group chatbots at F8

 Facebook will reveal at its F8 conference a new class of group bots that work inside Messenger group chats. These group bots can keep users informed about real-time news such as a sports game’s progress, ecommerce deliveries, and more, according to three sources familiar with the development of the feature.
Facebook is already working with top chatbot makers to prepare for the launch. Read More

Alex Rodriguez’s thinking face is the meme Twitter needed today


Although former Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez has retired from the game, he can’t help but wonder who’s going to win the World Series this year.

Will it be his New York team? Will the Chicago Cubs do the impossible once again? Whooooo could it beeeeee?

A-Rod turned to his Twitter followers for their help with his question, illustrating it with one interesting photo:

Who will win the World Series this year? #mlb pic.twitter.com/4knU1LluGx

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) March 29, 2017

Oh…oh God. Is he okay? This question is absolutely burning in his mind. With a thinking face that intense, who knows what will happen if he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for. Read more…

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Stunned kid lands an unthinkable pencil-flipping trick


There are a lucky few who find their calling in life early on and then proceed to make an Instagram dedicated to it.

Flips.9 is an Instagram account dedicated to flipping things. That’s right, the entire account is videos of kids taking the water bottle challenge to the next level, successfully landing markers, crayons and even orange traffic cones.

Most of the videos on the account are made by kid-Instagrammer law.216. And a recent video of him nailing a pencil flip has both him and us blinking in disbelief.

At this point IDK 😐 @law.216

A post shared by Flips.9 (@flips.9) on Mar 26, 2017 at 6:08am PDT Read more…

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