LinkedIn tries to make a smarter news feed with ‘trending storylines’


LinkedIn is trying to make its home feed more useful.

The professional network introduced a new feature Wednesday called “trending storylines,” which surfaces a personalized feed of news stories based on topics you’re likely to be interested in. 

Rolling out across LinkedIn’s apps and website in the U.S now, the feature uses a combination of human editors and algorithms to curate feeds based on topics that are trending in the news and among different groups. These feeds are then personalized to each users’ tastes so an engineer, for instance, may see stories about new research in their field while someone in finance may see news about the markets.  Read more…

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LinkedIn steps closer to CRM as it gives Sales Navigator an enterprise boost

 LinkedIn, the social network for the working world that is now owned by Microsoft, is quietly adding more features to fill out some of its bigger ambitions to provide more services to enterprises, tapping into its user base of over 465 million professionals. Today, the company is adding a new “enterprise” tier to its Sales Navigator product — a subscription-only service… Read More

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft’s board

 LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman announced today that he’s joined the board of directors at Microsoft. This follows Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn last year. When the deal closed, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said the company’s day-to-day operations would “essentially remain unchanged,” but he also noted a number of areas (like integrating… Read More

Company of software engineer held at JFK hits back on LinkedIn


The incredible odyssey of Celestine Omin, a Nigerian software engineer who at New York’s JFK airport was told he didn’t look like a software engineer and asked to take a coding exam, has caused quite an uproar on social media. 

Now his company Andela— a tech startup that connects developers in Africa with U.S. employers  — has penned a passionate LinkedIn post hitting back at it.  

“This past weekend, an Andela engineer from Nigeria named Celestine Omin made his first trip to the United States,” Jeremy Johnson, co-founder and CEO of the company wrote.  Read more…

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Barack Obama hasn’t updated his LinkedIn page and now we’re even more depressed


Even Barack Obama can’t handle the truth.

I’d been waiting for the LinkedIn notification, “News about Barack Obama,” or “Congratulate Barack Obama on his new position.” But there’s been nothing.

Then I checked the former President’s LinkedIn page, one he created in 2007, while he was just an Illinois senator running for president. Barack Obama hasn’t updated it. He’s still listed as “The President of the United States of America.” 

This page is just lying to us. SAD!

This page is just lying to us. SAD!

Image: LinkedIn

Reading his LinkedIn profile is like stepping into a socio-political time-machine, where everything is as it was pre-Jan. 20, 2017 when Donald J. Trump took the oath of office and became our 45th president.  Read more…

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These internships are most likely to turn into jobs, according to LinkedIn


It’s hard to get an internship, but it’s even harder to know whether that internship has a chance of becoming a job. Unless you’re in an industry where post-internship employment is virtually guaranteed, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess. 

LinkedIn analyzed the profiles of students who landed full-time jobs after summer internships to find out which industries have the most long-term promise for interns. 

In-demand skills like accounting and engineering most often led to employment, but other fields like retail made a strong showing for entry-level hiring too. 

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The most promising jobs of 2017, according to LinkedIn


It may feel like there isn’t much to look forward to in 2017, but LinkedIn has a few suggestions for how to find some potential in the year. 

The professional network ranked the most promising jobs of 2017 based on those positions’ potential for career advancement, job growth and salary. 2017’s list is the first time LinkedIn ranked jobs in this category. 

The jobs that made the cut all have high median salaries, strong job openings and year-over-year growth, and are likely to lead to a promotion or advancement, LinkedIn vice president for talent solutions and careers Daniel Shapero wrote in a blog post. Most positions are in finance, tech, or healthcare.  Read more…

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