The Chinese government has had enough of your recipes and decor photos


China added another brick to the Great Firewall by blocking access to social media site Pinterest, making it harder for citizens to share recipes, memes, and whatever else Pinterest is used for. 

TechCrunch reports that the site’s users in China are now out of luck as censorship tool GreatFire has noted the site has been blocked for a week. There are plenty of clones available, though, for people to flock too. 

Still, this is significant mostly because Pinterest lasted so long without being blocked by the Chinese government, which is notorious for high levels of internet censorship.  Read more…

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Pinterest is now blocked in China

 China has blocked one of the few Western social media sites that had remained accessible to its population: Pinterest. The site has followed the example of Facebook, Twitter and many others after the photo sharing site was blocked in China, according to data from censorship monitoring organization GreatFire. GreatFire checks a range of the internet’s top websites for accessibility… Read More

Last Month in Social Media: Updates from February 2017 by @thebigdebowski

February was a relatively mellow month in the social media world. Facebook only had a few, while smaller players like Pinterest and YouTube had several as well. Snapchat’s IPO also provided a variety of enlightening data for marketers to use. Here are some of the top social media updates from February 2017.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Making Your Pinterest Pins Searchable

I must admit when I was starting to do content marketing on Pinterest, I had zero ideas on what to do. Our site traffic from Pinterest didn’t really look good. Since I didn’t know what to do and I surely didn’t want to waste time not knowing and get better immediately, what I did was …

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone now works for Pinterest


Twitter cofounder Biz Stone is joining Pinterest.

Pinterest announced Wednesday that it’s acquiring Jelly, the Q&A app Stone founded in 2013. Both Stone and cofounder Ben Finkel are joining Pinterest as a result of the acquisition. Stone in a special adviser role (he will work with Chief Product Officer Evan Sharp) and Finkel as part of the growth product team.

Jelly’s future is less clear. It’s possible Pinterest could decide to continue supporting it, as it did with Instapaper, though this seems unlikely given Jelly’s lackluster App Store rankings. More likely, it seems, would be Pinterest incorporating parts of Jelly into its own offerings.  Read more…

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Pinterest doubles down on AI because ‘most of Pinterest hasn’t been built yet’


When you think of artificial inteligence, Pinterest is likely not the first tech giant that comes to mind.

The company is hoping that will soon change. Pinterest is launching a new group within its organization dedicated to machine learning and AI research. Pinterest Labs, which will be run by the company’s chief scientist, Jure Leskovec.

“Labs brings together top researchers, scientists, and engineers to work on image recognition, user modeling, recommender systems, and big data analytics,” Leskovec writes in a post on Pinterest’s blog.  Read more…

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Pinterest users can now jump to other products within an image

pinterest shop the look Pinterest is looking to continually decrease the friction from finding something they’re interested in and drilling further into newer products and ideas, and it now has another product to try to close that gap. The company today said it’s launching a new feature that allows users to find and jump to additional products within a photo they’re currently viewing. So, for… Read More

Pinterest adds visual search for elements in images and through your camera

pinterest lens results Pinterest said today it’s launching three new products today called instant ideas, lens, and shop the look — all of which are designed to keep Pinterest coming back over and over to discover ideas based on images. “Early information technology used words to connect ideas, like hyperlinks,” co-founder and chief product officer Evan Sharp said. “Search engines we… Read More