‘Overwatch’ heroes reimagined as 48 original Pokémon, evolutions and all


What do you get when you mix the colorful cast of Overwatch with the beloved universe of Pokémon? The best crossover ever.

Artist Miles Hansen created Watchemon, a delightfully detailed reimagining of 22 Overwatch heroes as brand new Pokémon, complete with evolutions, Pokémon types and descriptions that read like they came straight from a Pokédex. 

Although Winston doesn’t get a Pokémon makeover in this comic, he makes an appropriate appearance as the professor of the Watchemon universe.

Check out the amazing creations below:

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Frank Ocean slams Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ win in angry letter about the Grammys



At the tail end of 2016, Frank Ocean called the Grammy Awards “dated” and did not put forth his album Blonde for consideration—effectively boycotting the 59th annual awards and triggering a wave of possible no-shows from Kanye West, Drake and perhaps Justin Bieber. 

Now, in response to criticism from Grammy producers, Ocean penned a letter on Tumblr on Saturday night to share his frustrations with the awards show and to slam Taylor Swift’s 1989 win over Kendrick Lamar in 2016.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich and writer David Wild expressed their irritations working with Ocean during his 2013 Grammy performance, saying the artist was rigid in his ways and did not understand that his vision would not be well-suited for television.  Read more…

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OurMine just hacked a bunch of WWE accounts



Notorious hacker group OurMine is back at it, hacking social media profiles to let the world know just how easy it can be to get inside an account. 

This time, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) group is at the receiving end. 

Several Twitter accounts affiliated with WWE, including those of WWE Universe, WWE NXT, wrestler and celebrity John Cena, WrestleMania, WWE Network and Summer Slam were hacked Saturday with the group OurMine claiming responsibility.

Image: screengrab/twitter

Some of the tweets have already been taken down, but others are still visible to the millions of people who follow WWE accounts. Additionally, WWE’s official Tumblr page was also compromised.  Read more…

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Tumblr gets with the program, adds stickers and filters



If stickers and filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Messenger weren’t enough, you can now add them to your Tumblr photos and GIFs, too. 

Tumblr announced the update on the company’s blog on Tuesday in a characteristically whimsical post. Users can use stickers on iOS and Android to post to the Tumblr app to make their photos pop. The update also works on Tumblr’s iMessage app, so you can use the stickers in your texts. 

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In the world of social apps, Tumblr is the weird-but-cool friend who keeps to herself. While Snapchat and Instagram go head to head, Tumblr has been quietly building its own loyal and dedicated audience. The Tumblr community is known for its memes and gifs but also its focus on social issues and initiating action. In 2013, Yahoo acquired Tumblr (Yahoo has since been acquired by Verizon). The Yahoo acquisition is widely believed to have negatively impacted Tumblr overall.  Read more…

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Tumblr brings photo filters and stickers to its iOS, iMessage and Android apps

stickers_filters_tumblr1-24-17 Tumblr today is launching two new tools for creative expression, stickers and filters, which could become another revenue stream for the Yahoo-owned company, if it chooses to go in that direction in the future. Available only on mobile, users will be able to decorate their photos or GIFs using color filters or stickers from either the main Tumblr app on iOS or Android, or Tumblr’s… Read More

Diego Luna shares touching story of why representation in film matters



Diversity in Hollywood is as important as it is rare — and a personal story from one San Diego-based Tumblr user makes that abundantly clear.

The 27-year-old, who goes by “Perls,” recently shared her experience watching Captain Cassian Andor in Rogue One with her father — and how he felt to see himself, a Mexican man with an accent, represented in a heroic light on the big screen.

Her post was so touching, even Mexican actor and producer Diego Luna — the man who plays Andor himself — had to tweet about it.

I got emotional reading this! #RogueOneStarWars pic.twitter.com/kfNXxYxWWI

— diego luna (@diegoluna_) January 4, 2017 Read more…

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