Here’s what we learned from Travis Kalanick’s hidden 2007 Twitter account


Tbones fancies himself a dancer.

Oh, and his opinions about women have long been a bit retrograde. 

This, and so much more, can be gleaned from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s old Twitter account. The handle, @konatbone, is protected. But as with so many things on the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t see it — you just have to know where to look. 

And look we did. 

The embattled CEO officially moved on from @konatbone to his current handle, @travisk, in late 2010. The original account, which looks to have been created in 2007, was protected around that time as well. This meant that only approved followers could see its content after that point.  Read more…

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How a year of utterly insane sports finishes lit up Twitter


You might not realize it, but this weekend’s Final Four will bring us full sports circle. 

Ever since Kris Jenkins hit a buzzer-beating stunner to win the national title for Villanova on April 4 of last year, the sporting world has been rocked by a procession of shocking endings. Indeed, the past 12 months have been surreal for fans.  

Granted, it doesn’t require an advanced degree to observe that Twitter (the app) lights up when sports magic goes down. But now — thanks to data from Twitter (the company) — we can take a comprehensive look at just how much. The numbers are a bit surprising.  Read more…

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Completely not-high John Mayer just wonders if purple horses existed


On Wednesday, musician, Fifth Harmony stan, and prolific tweeter John Mayer asked a probing question: What if purple horses used to exist?

Yes, announcing that he was not high, Mayer tweeted the following:

No I am not high. I am simply wondering if there was once every color of every animal but the ones that clashed with nature were eaten.

— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) March 29, 2017

Sounds like a Katy Perry music video! 

Understandably, the internet is skeptical about Mayer’s theory. It is, however, united in the belief that rainbow animals would look cool. Read more…

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Alex Rodriguez’s thinking face is the meme Twitter needed today


Although former Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez has retired from the game, he can’t help but wonder who’s going to win the World Series this year.

Will it be his New York team? Will the Chicago Cubs do the impossible once again? Whooooo could it beeeeee?

A-Rod turned to his Twitter followers for their help with his question, illustrating it with one interesting photo:

Who will win the World Series this year? #mlb

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) March 29, 2017

Oh…oh God. Is he okay? This question is absolutely burning in his mind. With a thinking face that intense, who knows what will happen if he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for. Read more…

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Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope gets an analytics dashboard

 Trying to figure out this whole live video broadcasting thing? Good news! Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-broadcasting app, picked up a new trick this morning: a shiny new analytics dashboard. It’s not the most groundbreaking thing in the world, but it makes sense. Making a successful live video on the internet — particularly one that doesn’t involve video games or naked… Read More

Patrick Stewart is being compared to Kellyanne Conway and he couldn’t be happier


If someone asked you to compare Sir Patrick Stewart with another famous person in terms of looks, Kellyanne Conway probably wouldn’t be the first to spring to mind.

Then again, you may not have seen this photo.

Something is happening in Hollywood

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) April 19, 2016

That picture of Stewart in drag was shared by the man himself on Twitter last year. At the time he was compared to Helen Mirren.

Recently, though, people have been making another comparison. Read more…

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J.K. Rowling uses SpongeBob to sum up her feelings about Brexit


Wednesday, March 29, is a hugely significant day in Britain — it’s the day Prime Minister Theresa May officially starts the Brexit process by signing the letter triggering Article 50.

For half the country, it’s the start of what they voted for. For the other half, though, it’s the last thing they wanted.

J.K. Rowling falls firmly in the latter category.

On Wednesday morning, she summed up exactly how she feels about Brexit Day using the sweet medium of SpongeBob.

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Watching this robot print and burn Donald Trump’s tweets is oddly satisfying


Do you burn with rage every time you read a tweet from Donald Trump?

Then we have the machine for you. 

It automatically prints out the president’s tweets, grabs them with a robotic arm, burns them with a lighter, and then deposits the remains in an ash tray. The videos are then posted to the “Burned Your Tweet” account on Twitter. 

Here Trump tries to deflect attention away from his administration’s ties to Russia. Sorry Donald, but that tweet is going up in flames. 

Oddly satisfying.

Let’s watch it burn some more tweets, shall we? This one’s for the “failing” New York Times, which, ironically enough, added a ton of digital subscribers after Trump became president.  Read more…

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Twitter is adding pre-roll ads to Periscope as it warms up to profits


Twitter has opened up another place for video ads, the buzziest online advertising sector, as it looks to find more revenue for its flight to profitability this year. 

Starting Tuesday, select partners can apply to have ads run in front of Periscope videos. 

SEE ALSO: Inside Twitter’s decision to keep Periscope and abandon everything else

These pre-roll ads come at an important time for Twitter — though isn’t it always an important time (cc @realDonaldTrump)? The company, which Wall Street has obliterated for a lack of user growth and an utter loss of faith in leadership, is trading at record lows. Meanwhile, Snapchat is gaining the respect of the Street and pretty much everyone else (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?).  Read more…

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‘The Daily Show’ says it’s opening an actual library of Trump tweets and we don’t know what’s real anymore


Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on here and if The Daily Show‘s claim that it’s going to build a physical library of Donald Trump tweets is real or a joke but the idea is so weird I haven’t wanted to believe something is real so bad since North Korea said it had unicorns

Not much is known about the library or if it’s actually a thing that will happen or some sort of hoax-slash-joke that is being perpetrated on us. All we have to go on is a press release that takes the tone of many of Trump’s tweets, complete with “Sad!”   Read more…

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